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Thank you for visiting Gaia Passages! 

After 10 amazing years of nourishing nature connection with girls and youth, we are excited to share that Gaia Passages is in a phase of reorienting and revisioning in order to meet the changing needs of these times. 

Gaia Passages continues to be committed to supporting nature connection activities for people of all ages, genders, cultures, and ethnicities. We believe in the healing power of nature to cultivate emotional and ecological literacy which are essential to community resilience.

As we vision how best to continue serving our community and the earth we are pausing our programming. We are taking time to compost what has come before in order to generate good soil for what is coming next.

We are so deeply grateful for our amazing community and staff and will let you know once we’re ready to gather together to share ideas and visions for the future. 

During this time of transition, Gaia Passages needs your support to fund the basic operating costs of keeping the organization alive; website fees, banking, taxes, etc.  Please consider donating whatever you can so that we can continue to serve the nature connection community and the earth

Thank you,

The Gaia Passages Board of Directors: Constance Washburn, Emily Swanson, & Lauren Dietrich-Chavez 


Support Gaia Passages' Phase
of Reorienting
and Revisioning


After more than 10 fruitful years nurturing connection with youth and nature, Gaia Passages in its current form is coming to a close. The board is deep in a compost process, closing accounts and setting things in good stead, fully releasing the inspiring spirit of the organization, so that collective life energy may move forward in a new way. 

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